Covid is in the air… 

Ontario is closing down… again. With the Ontario Government latest announcement by the Ontario government the omicron virus is now spreading more than any other variation of Covid. It’s been stated that this virus is much more contagious than the previous covid viruses

If your business is now forcing staff (or yourself) to work from home it might be time to have that air system (furnace and air ducts) cleaned sooner than later.   

Vacu-Man furnace and air duct cleaning is committed to air duct cleaning in the home.  This helps many people working from home breathe easier. We don’t just clean the air duct systems, we ensure that the furnace, including the coil, heat exchanger and the blower fan are cleaned before we leave.

There is debate, but according to the Center for Disease control CDC Covid (as an aerosol virus) was spread in the restaurant to other patrons through the air conditioning system.  The Ontario health department struggled with this, but the fact remains that the virus is transferred through the air system.  

Critics like Jeffrey Siegel, professor of civil and mechanical engineering and aerosol dynamics at the University of Toronto talks of 2 things… That air duct cleaning doesn’t necessarily help, changing your filter does, but does not talk about the furnace cleaning.  Studies have shown that air duct cleaning should be done in 5-10 years.  

However, Vacu-Man recommends 3-5 years.   If you have allergies, dust in the home then you have an indoor air quality issue therefore, it might be good to clean your ducts more often.  Mopping floors can be done every 5-10 years, unless you spill something on the floor is what this analogy is like.   Sure they’ll be dirty, and as long as you don’t eat off the floor you should be good right?  

FACT: A lot of dust and debris gets caught in your air duct system as much as it’s blowing hot air throughout the home it’s pulling or sucking in your indoor air. This comes in through the cold air system, these are the larger vents usually on the floor or on a wall in the hallway or in larger rooms. 

The air flow then goes through the HEPA air filter and passes through the blower fan which circulates back through the home as it’s heated.

Be careful during this season to call an air duct cleaning company that has a reputation for cleaning not only your air ducts BUT your furnace as well.   Vacu-Man hires licensed Ontario TSSA Gas technicians so you can trust the right people in your home.   

Many heating and cooling system cleaning companies that say they are duct cleaning are trained by NADCA but are not licensed under the TSSA.

Covid can get into the air duct system and no matter what variant of covid circulates through the air.  One of the reasons why you may want to consider having your furnace and air duct system cleaned is that if you’re going to be working at home it might as well be clean air your breathing.

If you did any home improvement through renovations on the home in the past year it will also be a good time to clean your air duct system.  Saw dust, and especially dry wall dust is like GLUE when it gets into the furnace and HVAC system.

Trust Vacu-Man to clean your furnace and air duct system

We understand times are tough for everyone and Vacu-Man recommends duct cleaning and furnace cleaning is offering for a limited time winter pricing for 2022. Feel free to ask when you submit a quote online or call the office at 905-33-5454
We are providing duct cleaning in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Brantford, Grimsby and St. Catharines.