kijiji duct cleaning

Kijiji duct cleaning

Kijiji duct cleaning and you will see some very interesting options. In fact, you’ll see multiple options for duct cleaning for $99 or $100 to clean your vents, registers and some even offer sanitizing. These flat rate fees include an unlimited amount of registers and vents.

What are you actually getting? Like anything with kijiji let the buyer beware, “Caveat emptor” Many have had trusted purchases that have delivered as promised and of course many have experienced a few less than expected purchases through Kijji online.

Kijiji is a phenomenal system in fact it probably replaced the classified section sooner than other newspaper killing online digital companies.

This message is about the warning of kijiji duct cleaning with what actual services Kijji users are getting. Vacu-Man can speak to this with much experience as we know many people have purchased duct cleaning deals through Facebook and on Kijiji.

A massive and impersonated legitimate duct cleaning companies similar to the Vacu-Man the furnace and air duct cleaning. In fact, in a recent article, outlined how VacuMan were able to catch the individuals impersonating our business and we took them to court.


An important item you have to understand is that when you open your door to any business or individual in your house you want to make sure that your home and office is protected.

  • Are the individuals Bonded? 
  • Do they actually clean your air ventilation system including your blower fan, AC coil and heat exchange. 

I like to use the analogy of cleaning your air ducts without cleaning your furnace is like changing the oil and leaving the Oil filter on. it doesn’t do much good over all.

You want to make sure you purchase from an air duct cleaning company that is going to make sure that it is done properly, they are fully bonded and have many years of furnace and air duct cleaning experience. 

Newer homes furnaces operate much more efficiently but also come with a lot more components, computer chips and air circulation systems that require a little more cleaning attention versus older homes.

Older homes have probably altered over the years from a coal burning furnace, oil burning furnace into a forced air gas furnace HVAC system.   

In addition if you have an air conditioner, you’re going to want to make sure that you clean out your furnace AC coils and drain the condensation lines so it runs properly. 

One of the benefits of hiring Vacu-Man furnace cleaning and duct cleaning is that we do have license gas techs on staff and over 45 years of experience working on multiple furnaces and ventilation systems 


It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching in Oakville for Kijiji duct cleaning, or Burlington could you deduct cleaning all cities that can be marketed easily with this $99 duct cleaning deal. The price you should be paying for quality duct cleaning and by a professional is between $300 to $500.  This would include services I’m a complete house duct cleaning and furthermore even the dryer vent cleaning with that price.