Allergies in the home

Vent Cleaning services help with clean air?

We all breathe…Why not have clean air?

All humans breathe and require clean air to do so. We all do it without thinking. We inhale and exhale over and over again. 22,000 times a day we breathe to be more precise according to the Lung Association. Vent cleaning services can help breathe those 22,000 a little better!

Our brains tell our body that it needs oxygen and allows it to carry through our tissues and organs and let’s us walk, talk and communicate.  

Take a deep breath now!  As deep as you can… and let it out. Feel better? It’s what many Dr. recommend to help with our stress.   


In 2020, Covid locked down North America. Everyone was to stay home and wait it out. Some businesses were able to change to work from home, and with that we were breathing in the air that we live in all day, every day.   

If you suffer from allergies or worse suffer with asthma, you might want a vent cleaning service. The Lung Association survey stated that 9 in 10 Canadians do NOT have it under control. One suggestion is to find those triggers and avoid them, which include keeping your environment clean for dust and mould.  


Cleaning your furnace could be a game changer with helping breathing better at home. Having the air vent cleaning done is great, but in many cases isn’t as critical as having the furnace cleaned. The furnace sucks air through the cold air (large vents) in the house and this pulls in pet dander, dust, dirt and other particles into the furnace.   

The blower fan pushes the air through either the heat exchanger or through the cooling (air conditioning) in your furnace. This friction sticks the particles together on the blades of the fan and over time builds up. When the fan turns on and off, these particles can be pushed back into the home and thus cause concerns spending on the type of allergy people have.   

Duct cleaning companies clean the air ducts and this is good. These vent cleaning services don’t necessarily clean the entire HVAC system though (which includes your furnace and air conditioner).     

This is where seasonal allergies can kick in, especially in the spring and summer. Windows open and then you turn on the air vent system and the asthma triggers with those with them.  


A family in Calgary, Canada was very pleased with the results after the duct cleaning services were done. This helped them so much.  Reduced coughing and further their indoor air quality improved.   

This is important to keep in mind that after any renovation, or if you have pets that you should consider having your air ducts cleaning 3-5 years or sooner depending on your health status.   


On a CBC news report wondering if the air in your home is clean, it was proven to show mould, pet dander, clothing fibres and skin cells.   Air purifiers can help, and you can see this summary video for more detail by CBC . Air purifiers will assist but you may need vent cleaning services in addition to the furnace being cleaned.

Call Vacu-Man Furnace and vent cleaning services

Vacu-Man has been cleaning furnaces and vent cleaning for over 40 years. Our staff include TSSA (Ontario regulated and trained) licensed Gas III and Gas II technicians. 

Vacu-Man does not service the furnace, but we do clean them and are highly recommended by many restoration companies, construction and heating and cooling companies.  Vent cleaning services are offered in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Brantford area

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