I love a deal. Who doesn’t? It’s the art of the sale. The opportunity to save money on a service or product that you would normally spend more on.

When you buy a shirt. You get it on sale for $10 versus $150 that’s a really good deal or when someone gives you a first class plane ticket and you only paid the charter price.

Then there are things you should be very careful about when you make a purchase.  If you’re purchasing cannabis from a guy on the street it might be laced with something (cocaine or LSD) you don’t know. It might cost a more at a legal cannabis store but you know it’s a good product with no surprises. 

When you’re making a purchase and you’re not sure what you’re getting it’s always a risk. That’s why when you’re looking for a deal on Kijiji under duct cleaning and you see so many companies doing it for $99 or you get a flyer in the mail for $99 or that phone call from Pakistan giving you a special deal for $99. 

What is it you’re getting for $99 duct cleaning?

Somebody showing up at your house who hasn’t been educated by ontario legislation, isn’t bonded and possibly even has a criminal record coming into your home or business.   These $99 duct cleaners come and go under different names.    They claimed to be trained by NAIDA or have a duct cleaning certificate.   This is a not-for-profit association started by a duct cleaning company several years back.   All setup to claim they were trained … And again it’s not sanctioned by Ontario regulations.  

These $99 duct cleaning companies in Hamilton are not legally allowed to touch heating or cooling system, including your furnace or your air conditioner. 

The reason I can speak about this frankly, Vacu-Man went to court this past year suing a few of these $99 duct cleaning companies as they were even using the Vacu-Man name trying to solicit duct cleaning business. These $99 duct cleaning companies did it through Kijiji and Facebook.    It was settled out of court, but a testament that legitimate furnace cleaning companies can be misrepresented as a company, like Vacu-Man,  trying to get $99 throughout Ontario for duct cleaning.

These $99 duct cleaning companies in Oakville, will then upsell with  deodorizers, fogging services that is exactly smoke and mirrors. And soon your $99 Burlington duct cleaning company becomes a $400 cost and you still didn’t get the ducts cleaned or the furnace or the air conditioner.  

They’ll probably only clean the air duct vents. Drill a few holes and possibly if anything cause more damage than good. It would be cheaper for you to get a Hoover vacuum cleaner and go to all your vents and cold air returns and just suck at the surface.

You would notice no difference. Of course in addition to this I’ve dealt in the last year of customers who have had their homes robbed or items or possessions taken. When customers  try to reach out to these $99 Ontario duct cleaning companies they end up finding out the $99 duct cleaning service doesn’t exist anymore or they’ve had to change their name.

Vacu-Man is a testament of customer service with being the best Ontario duct cleaning company in the local area. My father started this company 40 years ago and I worked in it pretty much all my life, and we are here today as we continue to be highly recommended. I started air duct cleaning at the age of 12 helping my father on the truck. Over the years we’ve established a great reputation as a family run business. Vacu-Man has licensed gas technicians, with experience that are capable of cleaning your heating and cooling air duct systems from the vent down to the furnace and air conditioning coil.  We even clean the dryer vents. The Vacu-Man team and crew are committed to doing the job right every time.   Vacu-Man have  licensed by Ontario regulated gas technicians through the TSSA. Our staff are well-paid, experienced and that would explain why our prices are a little more.   

How much is duct cleaning?   Use our instant quote or call us.  Expect a a price of $376 up to 15 registers.   

You can trust Vacu-Man to make your furnace and air duct cleaning done right the first time.   

Adam Oldfield 

President Vacu-Man furnace and duct cleaning