Dryer Vent Cleaning

dryer vent cleaning from outside


Cleaning dryer vents from the outside is just as critical as doing it from the inside.  Dryer vent lint gets stuck from the back of the dryer to the outside vent quickly depending on the amount of laundry you do.  Dryer lint will clog over time and restricts airflow. The result is clothes take longer […]

Dryer Vent Prevention

Dryer Vent Prevention

Dryer vent prevention is critical. You want to get the lint out. This includes from the back of the dryer and ensuring that the dryer vent pipes leading outside are also cleaned. The major challenge with dryer vent lint  is that once it builds up all it takes is a static electric spark and you […]

Clean out the dryer vent time!

Clean out the dryer vent time! Dryer vent spring cleaning is a great time to remove the lint from the back of your dryer and from the pipes that exit your home. If you’ve got a dryer… you have dryer lint.  You probably clean the lint in the dryer itself, but over the months and […]