Duct Cleaning scams are everywhere. You should be very careful about when choosing an air duct cleaning company.  When you’re making a purchase and you’re not sure what you’re getting it’s always a risk. That’s why when you’re looking for a deal on Kijiji under duct cleaning and you see so many companies doing it […]

_ Summer Time Duct Cleaning Specialists

Summer Time Duct Cleaning Specialists

Ontario summers are known for their high heat and humidity, so you will probably have your central air conditioner running non-stop until September arrives. That’s when hidden problems can make themselves known, especially to those family members who have allergies.  Although you go to great lengths to keep your home healthy and comfortable, there may […]



New furnace? Time to clean it! … even better to clean air ducts before the furnace is installed. Let me start with it’s possibly dirty either way!   The old furnace was probably full of dust, debris, hair and other items.   The NEW furnace, duct system or air conditioning could be filled with debris […]

Air filter blocks virus


Can an air filter block a virus? The quick answer is yes… but there is more to this quick answer. Vacu-Man has been cleaning furnaces and air ducts for over 40 years. As an Air Duct Cleaning company, we know that being stuck in the house, during isolation because of covid-19 for so long we […]

VM furnace air filters

Furnace Air Filters NOW AVAILABLE

I’m excited to announce as a Canadian locally owned, operated duct cleaning service company we are now offering canadian-made certified by Vacu-Man furnace filters available to be purchased online.  For the past 40 years we have provided our Canadian made filters for our customers after each air duct cleaning we completed.   As we have […]

power vac Vacu-Man

Power Vacuum Duct Cleaning

A High-Level Guide If you’re seeking to have the quality of your air match the high quality of your life, Vacu-Man’s superior power vacuum duct cleaning services is an undertaking you should be considering. By ensuring that your ducts are optimally clean and operating efficiently, you thereby ensure that the health and well-being of visitors, […]

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How often for duct cleaning?

How often for duct cleaning? Every 3 – 5 years on average and if you renovate right afterwards. If you move into a new home, it’s always good to have your duct cleaning. Although spring is in the air, dust and particle buildup shouldn’t be. If your home is beginning to have a light film, […]

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COVID-19 Update

Greetings from President (Son of Founder) Adam Oldfield. As a cleaning company, we have understood the importance of cleaning the air for over 40 years. At Vacu-Man there is nothing we care more about than YOUR safety and  health. We always seek to use the best cleaning products, technology and knowledge at our disposal to […]

corona virus duct cleaning

Can Duct Cleaning Kill Corona Virus?

Corona Virus is happening in the world; currently people are self isolating themselves as a precaution of being safe.  If you’re one of the many that are holding up in your home, you might want to consider getting your ducts and furnace cleaned!  How will cleaning my furnace and duct help with stopping the Corona […]


3 tips to clean air in your home

It’s hard to believe that one of the most critical items in your home that keeps it at the perfect temperature at all times gets neglected usually ALL the time. Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning is all about maintenance! Ensuring that you take care of your home’s temperature is critical as you’ll know when you […]